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Electrotechnical company EIP (Electrotekhnicheskie Istochniki Pitaniya - "Electrical Power Supplies") Ltd. has been successfully cooperating with many petroleum refineries and oil-producing companies in Russia and abroad since 1993.

We are working with different oil-producing companies and refineries, such as Moscow Oil Refinery (OR), Ryazan OR, OAO Lukoil, ZAO Vankorneft, OAO Rosneft, Yayskiy OR, Nizhnekamsk OR and many other oil refinery plants in Tatarstan. Our equipment has earned its favorable reputation in Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other countries.

Our company has been continually working on the equipment upgrading to increase its reliability.

We have received three patents for developing desalting processes technology and corresponding products.

Our company manufactures the following equipment:

a) Electrical:

- High-voltage transformers ИПМ-25/15 (IPM-25/15), ИПМ-25/22 (IPM-25/22), ИПМ-15/15 (IPM-15/15) with a smooth thyristor control of the output voltage. Explosion protection marking - 2ExoIIT6, IP-64 protection level, ТУ (Technical Specifications) 3683-009-00220302-96;

- Control unit of all types of power supplies БУ-02 (BU-02), ТУ (TS) 4218-001-24641880-2008, standard made, without the explosion protection;

- Fluoroplastic bushing insulator ИПФ-25 (IPF-25), ТУ (TS) 3689-033-00220302-00. Explosion protection - ExdIIAU of the type "Flameproof enclosure d" is provided by the use of IPF-25 together with the high-voltage line cable ИП (IP

IP67 protection level;

- Suspension fluoroplastic bushing insulator ИПОФ-25 (IPOF-25), ТУ (TS) 3689-020-00220302-99;

-  High-voltage cable ИП (IP;

- Power cabinets and a control system of power supplies and I&C of an electrical dehydrator. 

b) I&C and automatic equipment:

- The system  УРУФ-06 (URUF-06) - an oil/water interface control device designated for water level detection in electrical dehydrators (sludge traps) etc. based on 3 pressure indicators. Currently this system shows a high reliability and it is installed on dozens of electrical dehydrators from ЭД 8 (ED 8) to ЭДШ 600 (EDSH 600 - ball electrical dehydrator). The use of IPM-based power-supply system reduces energy consumption in 2-6 times compared to transformers (with a transformer-tap regulation of output voltage).

 c) Petrochemical:

- Electrode systems and oil distributors for all types of electrical dehydrators from ЭД 5 (ED 5) to ЭД 400 (ED 400), ЭДШ 600 (EDSH 600) and electrical separators used for petroleum products ЭР 50 (ER 50) and ЭР 100 (ER 100).

- Internal devices for oil separators.

- Design and production of direct-flow trays and trays (diameter 1-7 m) with a trapezoidal valve (small and big) for fractionation columns.

All equipment is designed and manufactured in-house promptly, ensuring a high quality.

The guarantee on the produced items corresponds to a guarantee on a similar foreign equipment.

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e-mail: eip@aleksin.tula.net

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