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Insulator, feedthrough Teflon IPF -25

1  Designation

1.1 The insulator feedthrough, teflon IPF – 25 is designated for input of high voltage into electrical dehydrator and other technological installations for oil refinery.

1.2 Range of application – in the kit with high voltage connection cable is included into high voltage power supplies IPM - 1515, IPM - 915, IPM - 2515, IPM – 540 and also in explosion protection equipment of group II, operated in highly explosive areas according to GOST P 51330.13 and other regulating documents for electrical equipment in highly explosive areas.

1.3 In reference to resistance to climatic environmental factors, the insulator is manufactured to meet the requirements of UHL categories placement 1 in accordance to GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543-70 and can be operated  at ambient temperatures from minus 60 to plus 40 ° С.

2  Technical data

2.1 Basic specifications and technological parameters of operation are provided in Table 1.

Table 1


Parameter value

1 Specifications:

1.1 Overall dimensions, mm, not more,

        height (length)

        diameter of the teflon housing

1.2 Weight, kg, not more than








2 Technological parameters of operation:

2.1 Nominal voltage, kW

2.2 Maximum current, А

2.3 Maximum working temperatures of the lower part, °С

2.4  Maximum working pressure, kgscm 2

2.5 Working environment,

of the upper part

 of the lower part








Atmosphere, containing dust, water splashes, evaporations of oil products.

Oil, oil products with increased corrosivity and increased share of Н2S.


3  Supply kit

3.1 The supply kit includes the insulator, packed and assembled, passport for EIP 16P. 00.00. 000 PS, specifications and operation guide for EIP 16P. 00.00. 000 TO.


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