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Control Unit BU – 02

1  Purpose

1.1 BU- 02 Control Unit (hereinafter CU) is designed for ИПМ-25/15, ИПМ-25/22, ИПМ-15/15, ИПМ-9/15 high-voltage power supply control (hereinafter PS) in order to decrease power consumption with it. It also provides automatic regulation of electrical dehydrator interface level.

1.2 CU function is to control, monitor and indicate PS high voltage and current as well as to provide protection from contingency rating.

CU shall be placed at a distance of 300m from PS.

1.3 Operating conditions:

- ambient temperature from -10°С up to + 40°С;

- relative air humidity up to 80% at 27°С or lower temperature with no condensation;

- climatic modification and positioning category  - UHL3.1 according to GOST 15150 - 69 and GOST 15543 -70.

2  Basic Specifications

2.1 CU provides implementation of the following functions:

2.1.1 Power supply to PS.

2.1.2 Gradual PS output voltage growth up to the design value.

2.1.3 Smooth control of PS output voltage as per the design value Uз or Iогр.

2.1.4 PS shutoff should one of the following protections operate:

- PS oil temperature exceeds 800С;

- gas blanket in electrical dehydrator;

- short-circuit at PS output;

- short-circuit in PS high-voltage transformer coil;

- thyristor breakdown in PS etc.

2.1.5 Indication of PS effective and peak values of output voltage and current.

2.1.6 Protection operation indication and lamp signaling;

2.1.7 PS output voltage decrease up to zero in case of short-circuits under load.

* 2.1.8 Accepting and transferring data via RS-485 channel.

* RS 232/485 interface conversion device is installed as per customer’s additional requirement.

2.2 CU overall dimensions: 272 х 280 х 150 mm

2.3 Weight (as one assembly): 5 kgs.

2.4 The CU service life is not less than 10 years, should the CU post-warranty service be effected by the manufacturer while CU operation (see Section 5 of the present Data Sheet).

3  Scope of Supply

3.1 The scope of supply is listed in Table 1.

Table 1

Basic engineering document




Control Unit BU-02



Power cord L=1.5m


Control cables (Х1, Х2) L=1.5m


Mounting brackets

1 set


Control unit BU-02. Data sheet



Control unit BU-02. Technical manual and operating instructions



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